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Austin, TX Business Travel

Work From Viata

Hotel Viata is the best place to work remotely in Austin Texas. Whether you’re traveling for business or looking to switch up your everyday scenery, Hotel Viata has everything you need to get your work done, but also enjoy what Austin has to offer.

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While you work from Viata, Enjoy:

  • Free Wifi.
  • Resort Amenities.
  • Spacious and quiet rooms.
  • Laurel Restaurant — a great place to hang out & relax after a day in the office, or even for a break in between meetings. No time in between meetings? That’s fine, enjoy in-door dining.
  • Friendly staff! Hotel Viata gives you a home away from home feeling and a more personal experience.
  • Put your feet up and work by the pool, or open your Juliet balcony from your room for some fresh air in between meetings and projects. 
  • Enjoy spa discounts for business travelers. Inquire at check-in.
  • Complimentary self-parking.
  • On your lunch break, visit our fitness center.
  • When your work day is done, head over to downtown Austin to enjoy everything this great city has to offer.
Work from Viata

Cara Brennan

“My experience working remotely at Hotel Viata was an absolute serene dream! The high-speed Wi-Fi kept me connected everywhere I roamed, when I was poolside soaking up the sun on a comfy lounge chair or at Laurel Restaurant. Regardless of whether I needed a quiet corner for a meeting with my team or a vibrant atmosphere to focus during a brainstorming session, Hotel Viata offered the perfect blend of productivity and relaxation.

The friendly staff exceeded expectations to ensure a seamless experience, always happy and eager to fulfill any request. Plus, the hotel's central location made exploring Austin a breeze, with seamless access to all
the city's vibrant neighborhoods. The best part? My furry friend got to enjoy the luxurious stay alongside me, thanks to their pet-friendly policy.”